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•  Leadership 101
Leading doesn’t have to be challenging, it can actually be the best part of your career. If done correctly, leading is great for the leader as well as the team, but if done incorrectly it can destroy an organization.In this breakout session Cedric works with new leaders to enhance leadership technique, create winning strategies on how to empower and appoint secondary leaders to create a winning culture

•  Building a team
Building a team can be challenging especially for new leaders in the workforce. In this breakout session King takes all the guesswork out of leading and gives leaders the same tools to lead that he learned from his 20 year career in the Army’s most elite units.


Overcoming Adversity

•  The Gift Of Crisis
This particular keynote focuses on the dynamics of overcoming treacherous times in life. Navigating through inner dialogue and coming out stronger then when you began.

•  The Courage To Comeback
The talk centers around the strength to get back up again after loss disappointment and fatigue. The audience walks away with a very clear mission statement and direction to overcome any setback

•  Faith Focus and Family
This is Master Sergeant Cedric king‘s auto biographical story of how he used these three elements to find meaning after extreme disappointment and loss. Faith focus and family are the three main ingredients that catapulted his comeback amidst incredible odds

•  Relentless Spirit, Resilient Mind
This Keynote is a fan favorite for military and civilian alike. This Keynote focuses on the mindset and determination that took king from a lowly private to a senior leader in America’s guard of honor the 82nd airborne division. It also speaks on kings mindset and spirit before during and after the amputation of his legs

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